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  • D-Board is a new type of green materials for interior constructions, exhibition furniture and advertising boards. It is made of recycle carton boards, and can be 100% recycled as paper. A truly evolutionary as an ideal replacement for petro-chemical or formaldehyde encapsulated boards. Using this material means you can lower the impact of your activities to the environment. For many of the designers and event planning companies… What a relief!
  • D-Board is a kind of Inverted Corrugated Board (ICB). A primary advantage of D-Board is the fact that it is light weighted, straight, and flat. So it helps customers to save transportation costs. D-Board is a versatile board material and especially ideal for the use of advertising boards, POS display standee, interior constructions, children toy, exhibition furniture and other design applications.
  • D-Board has white printable surfaces, which allow customers to print directly on the boards whatever they want. It also has diverse sizes and thicknesses. Customers can customize their own CIS logos on it and show their true colors! D-Board is an ideal choice for the following applications: Interior display, shop fitting, commercial office, retail display, short-term furniture, signage, and indoor POP displays. * Non-white surfaces are also available.