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Learn more about modern forest management

● Do you know how forest is responsibiy managed?
● Have you seen how trees are cut and how they are re planted?
● Have you heard about FSC™ certification? How well do you know about it?

Do you know how paper is made?
● How pulp is made? What is mechanical pulp and what is chemical pulp? What's the difference?
● How paper is made? What paper is made of? What's the difference between coated paper and uncoated paper? What are LWC and SC? 
How do I select a proper kind of paper for my product?
● Getting to know more about paper properties, such as basis weight, bulk, opacity, brightness, CIE whiteness. 
● How do these factors affect on my product? 
I have problems when printing. How do I solve the problems?
● Is it caused by printing or because of the paper I use? 

For the above questions, we can give you the answers!
We are glad to help and give you more information about forest, paper, and printing. Contact us now!