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Caption: Persident Ma received an eco-friendly Christmas tree made by paper from Joseph Wang, GM of Da Yeh Paper. 



President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) met with the winners of the “Taiwan Green Classics Awards” at the Presidential Office on the morning of Dec. 4th. Ma encouraged the winners to continue working with the government and lead Taiwan to become a advanced country.

In remarks, Ma noted that the “Taiwan Green Classics Awards” keeps abreast of the times. He affirmed the winners’ efforts on energy conservation, reducing carbon emissions and sustainable development. And yet, the recipients make a profit from what they have been dedicate to, which shows that protecting the environment not necessarily in conflict with economic growth.

Da Yeh Paper has won the award for providing a Green Paper Solution. From FSC™ certification to Carbon Footprint calculation services, we provide global-reached green products and value-added services to our customers and help them to strengthen their products’ competitiveness.

Other award-winners include flat panel maker AU Optronics Corp, consumer electronics maker BenQ Corp, packaging company Taipei Pack Industries Corp, as well as LED light and lighting components suppliers Everlight Electronics Co and Nexgen Mediatech Inc of Chimei Group.


About Taiwan Green Classics Awards

The “Taiwan Green Classics Awards” program was launched in 2011 by the Green trade project office, Ministry of Economic Affairs. This award is to recognize outstanding green products and services offered by Taiwanese companies.

This year, a total of 13 local companies won awards. Final winners for the Product Category included 9 companies with 20 products, and 4 companies were recognized for their outstanding performance in offering green services, all presenting their great strength in green business.


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