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Dear Vendors/ Customers,


We would like to inform you that Da Yeh Paper Co., Ltd. ("Original Name") has changed our name to Dayeh Holding Enterprise Co., Ltd. ("New Name"). This chang officially took effect on 27th June 2013. 


We would appreciate if you would like to bring this information to the attention of who is subject to this change and direct them accordingly. We have two months transfer time to change new name to all necessary places.


The name change expands our business to more diverse scopes. There has been no change in management and will have no influence on our existing rights and obligations. The amendment to any purchase agreements and/ or purchase orders will be arranged and signed of as needed. 


We look forward to providing the same products and fine service that we have offerded to our clients to date and we ask all our stakeholders for your continued support.


Your faithfully,

For and On behalf of Da Yeh Paper Co., Ltd. & Dayeh Holding Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Hsieh, Wu-Hsien

Chairman of Board


Joseph Wang

General Manager